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Mariage à Douvaine, Bonne et Yvoire

Hier j’ai eu le plaisir de photographier ces magnifiques jeunes mariés. La météo n’était pas ensoleillée, il faisait froid (7°C) et il pleuvait mais ils ont tout surmonté. Félicitations Elodie et Jérémy pour votre mariage! Nous vous souhaitons une vie entière de bonheur et d’amour! Lieu >> Bonne >> Douvaine >> Yvoire 👌

Photographie de mariage Seyssel

«Le destin nous a mis sur le même chemin et désormais nous marcherons ensemble jusqu’à la fin.» Voici nos amoureux du weekend! Félicitations M & M! Nous vous souhaitons pleins de bonheur et d’amour.

Nicolas et Mélanie Mariage Charvonnex, Rhone-Alpes

Au dessus du monde avec ce joli couple!Toutes nos félicitations pour votre mariage! Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de bonheur et que votre amour dure toujours! Today I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple and their family on their special day. We explored a little vineyard, some fields overlooking the mountains and a little… Read More

La Clausaz in Summer

La Clausaz is commonly known for it’s beautiful ski slopes in the winter time. However in the summer it is transformed into a summer theme park with actives such as mountain biking (VTT), summer toboggan (luge) and other awesome rides including zip lining.  This was a casual drive up to La clausaz with my wife’s… Read More

The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century

Last night I and many others had the opportunity to witness the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century (2001 to 2100). The portion of the eclipse that was in total shadow lasted 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds. That is quite long when compared to the shortest Lunar eclipse which lasted only 4… Read More

Portrait d’enfants | Rumilly, France

I spent the afternoon setting up a backyard session for these cool kids and dad. The session lasted just over an hour using different lighting setups and playing little games. Here are some images from the photo session.

Sophie and Luke Taginamanulevu Engagement

Today I had the pleasure of photographing two of my colleagues engagement. Their story is a true testament of love. Thanks to the help of Helen behind the scenes coordinating the costume changes we were able to produce a set of unique images at the stunning Garden of the sleeping Giant in Fiji.

Grenoble, France

Travelling and visiting towns is what I like to do in my free time and of course its subject to when my wife is also free. On this day I discovered a bit of Grenoble, a very contrasting city with a built up city line and vivid colours.  Here are some of my pictures from… Read More