Our First Born

Hi everyone, I have stated this blog to document our first Childs progress though photography from delivery through to periodic shoots that we have. This will be more of a blog style, lifestyle type of post which will be constantly updated as and when I have allocated time.
Posing for a test shot at our autumn miniature setup. Jayden was 13 days old. 
Jayden and Emi helping me do a light test before the clients come in.
Helping me with my advertising and posing (sleeping) on a sled for the christmas mini session cover.

1 month

You turn one month today. Time is going by so fast and daddy loves you. It is still very difficult for me to run my business and attend to your every cry, call. I work hard today so i can be there for you when you need me the most. Im trying my best!
Jayden at 1 month old.