Landscape Workflow

Landscapes have been a hobby and I try to keep it this way. It is the only work that I do not do for money although I have clients that purchase my landscape images for their reproduction or just to have it for themselves.

Most if not all of my landscapes extracts from photoshoots that I have. By extract my landscapes are taken at photoshoots, I like to keep a record of the location. This helps me plan future shoots in the same location and also gauge my equipment required for various lighting conditions.

My shooting style is “underexposed”, knowing the limit of my camera body helps me get as underexposed as possible without losing information in the blacks. The reason I underexpose is to have more latitude in post production to call out any spectrum of colour / light to fine tune them to my hearts desire.

Not going to take more of your time. Here are the before and afters. Yes they are photoshopped. The art is a combination of patience, to wait for that perfect light. Luck, getting some natural elements unpredicted in the frame. Skill, the understanding of your equipment and software.